October 15, 2009

How do i do this ?? Well i'll tell you xox

When i first decided that i wanted to challenge myself a bit and go ahead with metal smithing (making rings, pendants etc) i thought it was such a mountain to climb, but through loads of sweat, tears and practice practice practice i am finally producing rings and pendants. How did i get here ?? Who thought me ?? Well the answer is i am self thought. I purchased lots of books but my 2 favourites which are Jewellery Making by Jinks McGrath and the complete metalsmith by Tim McCreight "My 2 Bibles" ................Jinks McGrath is a pure genuis, i just love her designs and her books are amazing (worth their weight in gold/silver) ha ha....... Her talent is endless and her books are a must for for anybody who is teaching themselves metal smithing.. I am totally totally metal smithen xoxoxo


  1. Excellent! I long to metal smith..i will look up these book and give it a go...hey you just gave me something to blog about ha!!

    I am following- great blog start so far;-) You metals are gorgeous!

    Be Well,


  2. Thank you so much xx,,,, i have lots of books but these 2 are my favourite xx